How-To Change Your Perspective on Loving People

These are broader ideas that will help frame your perspective and mindset to discover practical ways to love people better. The pillars of Humility, Service, and being Open-Minded all build off each other, and if you consider these things in your life it will help you start to love people better.

Humility. Humility is an incredible thing. There are many ways to define humility, but I like to simply think of it as being others-centered rather than self-centered. Another important part of humility is not putting ourselves on a pedestal. Thinking of ourselves as the best or thinking that we have it all figured out forces us to miss important opportunities to learn and grow. If we practice humility in our lives then it will help us see into other people’s lives, and with that, we will be able to know and love them better.

Service. Humility is great but if we never do anything about it then it loses some of its value. As Christians, we need to live a life of service. Almost every decision we make should take into consideration that our lives are dedicated to serving. There are more tangible ways to serve such as helping at church, mission trips, or volunteering at a food pantry. But our lives also need to be filled with intangible and little acts of service. Anything that remotely helps someone else can be considered as service. We just need to be active and think critically about serving others. If we can live a life of service, then we will automatically be loving people better.

Being Open-Minded. I am constantly amazed by how everyone has a different story and experience. It is so crazy! Everyone experiences their own difficulties and struggles, and we will never be able to know exactly how someone else feels. We need to be constantly aware of this and understand that we do not know what other people are going through. If we are open-minded in our interactions with others, then we will be able to understand and love them better.

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