The Ability to Shape Lives with Words

As I talked about before in my post “5 Cool Principles from Love Does,” Words of Encouragement are a really great and practical way to love people better. The key to making this impactful is to focus on making it genuine and being intentional about it.


Words of encouragement can shape people. It is an opportunity to lift someone up and call out the good in them. Think about a time when someone thanked you for doing something or gave you a meaningful compliment.


It probably made your day. We love being appreciated and affirmed (It is okay to like being affirmed as long as you do not live your life seeking affirmation.) However, we should seek to affirm others.


My boss frequently thanks me and tells me that I am doing a good job. It is so simple, but it motivates and encourages me to continue to work hard. I always know that my work is valued and appreciated.


We all know that it is encouraging for someone to appreciate you. Now we just need to be more intentional about doing it to others. We can practice serving and loving others by simply appreciating each other and expressing that appreciation. This is such a little thing that can make a huge impact.


I would like to clear up what I mean by ‘words of encouragement.’ This can simply be saying thank you for someone doing something, it can be telling someone that they are good at something, or it can be calling out something good they did.


We all want to be encouraged, and I think this is a practical way to start loving people better. By taking the time and effort to appreciate someone we are taking advantage of an opportunity to bring joy to someone. We should try to be more intentional about this and I bet we will start seeing a difference in people.

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