Don’t Seek Credit, You Might Miss Opportunities to Love Others

As I talked about before in my post “5 Cool Principles from Love Does,” not seeking credit is such a valuable thing to think about. The idea behind this principle is when we seek credit or spend all our time thinking about our public perception, we get distracted from doing some incredible things.


This is linked to our motivations, why do we do the things that we do?

Are we trying to love people better because we genuinely care about them?


Are we trying to love people better because it makes us look better?


If we are loving people because we think it makes us look better, then we are missing out on some great and practical ways to love others.


Instead of worrying about being seen or making sure people know you did something we should just do good things!


Bob says something pretty incredible in the chapter, “Lose the Cape” in Love Does. This is the chapter I got this principle from. He says that we should simply live our lives with the motto, “Be Awesome.”


That is it.


We can get so much more done and love others so much better if we secretly try to be awesome instead of trying to make sure the world knows we are awesome.

If we are loving others because we genuinely care about them then we will be able to love them far better because we are able to focus on them.


If we are loving others because we want the world to know how awesome we are because we love others, then we might miss real opportunities to love people better. It is as if we blind ourselves from seeing the best way to love people better because we are too focused on making sure people know that we are loving people. Humility and focusing on others are pretty incredible things.

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