How Being More Like Soda Can Help You Love People Better

Well I hope this title caught your eye! I do not mean Soda in any physical sense, but there is one soda brand that offers a very valuable lesson, and that is Moxie. You might be familiar with the name from my “About Me!” page.

Moxie originated in Maine and has been a popular soft drink in New England for many years. In my opinion, it has an indescribable taste, which is actually a critical part of the Moxie brand. The saying for their soda is “Distinctively Different.” The taste is so unique that they claim to be “Distinctively Different,” they are uncommon from the rest.

This characteristic of Moxie is what offers a valuable lesson.

We should also strive to be uncommon or distinctively different. We should strive to go against the grain and not conform to whatever everyone else is doing.

If we try to follow what everyone else is doing, then it will distract us from doing more important things. Most people spend their time doing things that waste time such as playing video games or binge-watching tv, things that are not healthy such as seeking affirmation on social media or doing something dangerous simply because it is ‘cool.,’ These are just some bigger examples that are common in our society today.

Most people are not focused on things such as becoming more like Jesus or loving people better. If this is something we want to focus on then we have to be uncommon. We must care about growing our character and making decisions that reflect Jesus. We should spend less time worrying about what everyone else is doing because we will go nowhere.

We must be uncommon if we want love people better. I think we should live our life with a little Moxie and be “Distinctively Different.”

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