The Importance of Reconciliation and Loving Others

There are some big questions that arise when thinking about reconciliation and loving others. One question that I have always wrestled with is, what if someone does not deserve our love?


What if someone wrongs or hurts you? Do they deserve your love?


Short answer: Yes, of course!


My friend, Ravyn Carico has written several pieces about reconciliation and the importance of apologizing, and they are incredibly helpful! You should definitely check her stuff out but one thing she mentions in her post, “Apologizing Is Like Taking Care of A Broken Arm,” relates really well to thinking about reconciliation and loving others.


Ravyn talks about how the difference between fake apologies and apologies that actually help us heal is distinguished by humility and sincerity.


I do not know about you but those also seem like tools that will help us love others better.


Humility and sincerity will help the healing process when either you must apologize, or someone apologizes to you. It is critical that we do not ignore pain and wrongdoings by simply moving on but in order to restore relationships and continue to love people we have to reconcile, and we have to do it well.


People are going to hurt us, that is just part of life. We have the choice to let that pain stop us from loving others or we can love people so hard they will not know what hit them.


Back to the question of whether people deserve our love when they wrong us or not, it depends on the choice you want to make. You can choose not to apologize, let that relationship end, and let that pain stay with you. Or we can choose to reconcile and love others through humility and sincerity. This is not an easy thing to do but it is 100% something worth thinking about.

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